The “ShadesOnShorts 13” Beach Party Review


One of the most anticipated events to ever rock the University of Cape Coast (UCC) campus dubbed “ShadesOnShorts 13” went down on the 5th of October 2013 at Alberta’s Beach inside Central Region. A unique beach party concept by far, which saw a good number of tertiary students from major institutions rocking a collection of trendy shades on shorts along the cool and serene Alberta’s beach. The well publicized event seized the attention of a number of reputable media houses such as 4syt TV, GHandBeyond, as well as campus-based media houses like Hypewell, ThisWeekInUCC and a lot more. BlackandWhiteGH team was also well represented with our cameras capturing the sizzling moments. We bring you dazzling, exclusive photos and a 360° in-depth review of the event.

“ShadesOnShorts 13” was originally scheduled to commence at 11:00am (GMT), but by the grace of “GhanaManTime”, the bus to convey students to the venue arrived on UCC campus at about 12:40pm. Alberta’s Beach is approximately a 40 minutes drive from the UCC campus and perhaps the first batch of students who joined the bus may have arrived at the beach at about 1:20pm. The seemingly late commencement of the event translated into a dawdling atmosphere at the beach initially. The event however, begun going wild at the kiss of sunset as a significant number of people kept showing up steadily.

On the word of the organizers of “ShadesOnShorts 13”,, the beach party was supposed to have included entertaining activities like boat riding, bull riding and sumo wrestling. But, upon a striking observation of the entire event, none of the above supposed activities ever saw the light of day on that faithful date. Patrons of the party were also meant to believe that there was going to be outstanding performances by “special artists” and that, DJ Champagne of the Accra based radio station YFM 107.9, one of the famous DJ’s in Ghana, would be passing through the event. It was quite disappointing to notice that not even one of the performances happened and DJ Champagne failed to show up eventually. Another disappointing scene was on the mode of transportation organized to convey students to and fro the beach. A single mini bus was supposed to convey the large number of the patrons, which were basically students, at the event back to campus when everything was over and thereby, the students had to go through hassle and struggles to get onboard the skimpy bus.

Nevertheless, the fortunes of “ShadesOnShorts 13” took a positive dive as the man of the moment, Elia Chebib, an official host of GHandBeyond (one of Ghana’s most entertaining TV programs) and a presenter of 4sytTV, who was booked to MC the event, took the stage at about 7:00pm (GMT). Elia brought along much excitement and ecstasy to the event as he is well noted for. Up and coming artists Teeflow, Syrup and Tablet also graced the event. The students were swept of their feet with some good music by the alternative DJ’s on rotation as the students flooded the dancing floor with various dance moves.

Despite the key flaws of the event, “ShadesOnShorts 13” beach party was generally a success. This was much evident on the smiles and joy on the faces of the students who patronized the quintessential beach party. However, from our subjective and objective 360° assessment of the event, we rate “ShadesOnShorts 13” a 75% success, and we hope the FouroneoneGH team works on its flaws identified, for much more impressive subsequent events in the years to come.


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