“Rated18 Uncensored” Open-Minded Event Review


The next big thing that was anticipated by ‘party freaks’ to hit the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Campus by storm after the feat chocked by “ShadesOnShorts13”, was the event labeled “Rated18 Uncensored”. “Rated18” is a party concept borne by Burning Ace Entertainment, a Nigerian dominated event organizing group in UCC, and has been held for two consecutive years now by dint of hard work and dedication. This year’s event, however, saw a touch of some remarkable innovative ideas that gave impressions of an improvement in the preceding year’s event. BlackandWhiteGH was fully represented, as usual, live at the Aura Lounge (CNC) and we present to you noteworthy highlights on the low and high points of the event which took place on 11th October, 2013.

Upon arrival of our team at CNC at about 11:45pm (GMT), we were greeted by a rather calm doorway which was an obvious indication of a low turnout as at that time, though the event was supposed to have started at exactly 9:00pm (GMT) according to the organizers. Our high hope on a massive turnout at the event was instantly shattered, since “Rated18 Uncensored” received quite a significant level of publicity prior weeks to the event on various notable media platforms on campus. However, passing through the ticket-inspection-door, we were impressed by the setting put up by the organizers at the walkway leading to the main entrance of the lounge. The exhibition of some vintage African fashionable products amidst the colorfully branded Burning Ace backdrop for photographs, added a classy touch to the event.

Time was then due for us to enter the lounge where the event was slated to happen, after we had had a photography session. We were shocked to the bone to realize that as at about 12:00am (GMT), only a handful of students had shown up for the event with more guys in the lounge as compared to the number of ladies present. Also, to our amusement, the much talked about “VIP” section was nothing more than a cordoned area off the assumed “Regular” dance floor, with a number of couches to relax on. Meanwhile, students who patronized the supposed “VIP” area paid triple as much money as those who could only afford the “common” floor. Moreover, even though the proximity of CNC from UCC made it a good choice of venue in terms of distance, with regards to size, it appeared the Aura Lounge seemed over ambitious a space to fill by the overall turnout of students.

Even so, in the midst of the dark clouds of “Rated18 Uncensored”, there were awesome silver linings worth mentioning.  A pop up mini bar was sited in the lounge by “Rendezvous”, a pub located on the Ayensu Rd. UCC, which served chilled drinks and exotic liquors to students at very affordable prices. In addition, there was streaming of hit music videos on a projected wall along with selected, quality and jamming mixes, which kept the party rocking to the end by the DJ’s billed for the night (DJ LUMMY, DJ VYRUSKY, DJ BLACKOUT and RICHIE).

Notwithstanding the glaring lapses that marred the absolute success story of “Rated18 Uncensored”, the event was able to pull off a convincing number of students at the latter part, who seemed to have had a good time. In light of this, the BlackandWhiteGH team grades “Rated18 Uncensored” a 65% success and we hope for an improved event next year.


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