Do You Know Egg Is A Vital Brain Super Food That Boosts Your Brain Health?

Looking for foods to boost brain health, then look no further. Eggs are a great source Omega 3 fatty acids and of choline which is  major brain health nutrient. Although our bodies can produce some choline, we cannot make enough to make up for an inadequate supply in our diets, and choline deficiency can also cause deficiency of another B vitamin critically important for health, folic acid.

Choline is definitely a nutrient needed in good supply for good brain health. Choline is a key component of many fat-containing structures in cell membranes, whose flexibility and integrity depend on adequate supplies of choline. Two fat-like molecules in the brain, phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin, account for an unusually high percentage of the brain’s total mass, so choline is particularly important for brain function and health.

In addition, choline is a highly important molecule in a cellular process called methylation. Many important chemical events in the body are made possible by methylation, in which methyl groups are transferred from one place to another. For example, genes in the body can be switched on or turned off in this way, and cells use methylation to send messages back and forth. Choline, which contains three methyl groups, is highly active in this process.

Choline is also a key component of acetylcholine. A neurotrasmitter that carries messages from and to nerves, acetylcholine is the body’s primary chemical means of sending messages between nerves and muscles.

Food combining for brain health and eggs

Note: Eggs + Sweet Fruits are a really bad combo.

Many vegetarians complain that eggs give them gas. It is almost never the case that eggs give gas, rather it is the combination of foods that is the culprit.

Even if you have one apple or banana for breakfast and eggs for late lunch or dinner it will cause acid formation and fermentation in the stomach leading to gas. Same with any sugar. Sugar plus protein are enemies of the gut and subsequently enemies of the brain health.

If you have eggs, have lower carb veggies like salad and spinach. Avoid grains. Eggs are a complete protein and are in fact very protein dense. If anything you need fiber to digest them not fruits or carbs. Most grains like wheat and rice are low fiber. Carrots and leafy green actually have more fiber despite their carb content .

So if it’s an “eggs day” and you don’t want to gas your friends into infinity try your eggs with salad and high fiber veggies instead. If you have beans or lentils also take enzymes or eat a lot of salad with them. I can guarantee you it will be problem solved.



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