This is a certified in toto assessment of Echo House in collaboration with Smirnoff’s “RED FLAG” event that went down at the SSNIT Gardens, UCC on the 19th October, 2013.

RED FLAG was a ‘sui generis’ party concept that had never been witnessed on UCC campus. An event that was hit by the worst ever possible setback that every event organizer in Ghana would pray against, “Shackles Of ECG” hours to the party, but managed to pull off an awesome revel at the end of the day.

Team BlackandWhiteGH arrived at the venue at about 11:50pm (GMT). Our first striking observation was the delightful scene of an impressive number of students parading the street leading to the SSNIT Gardens. 1000 neatly printed cards were allegedly printed by Echo House to serve as invites to students who made it to the party. 800 of the invites were supposed to be given out to the ladies and 200 to guys.  A few steps away from the car park towards the SSNIT Gardens revealed a stunning setup put together by the organizers. Party guests were made to walk on a well laid red carpet leading to the security check area that was sited at the fore of a white fabric-mounted tunnel. On the left wing of the red carpet stood a dazzling Echo House and Smirnoff Ice branded backdrop for photographs.

Getting by security check point and through the tunnel to the party grounds, our team was amazed by the heated party atmosphere that welcomed us. The enclosed party area was charged with some great mixes by the DJ’s on rotation. One could not also overlook the artificially created snow that added some glamour to the event. A Smirnoff Ice stand was also located at the west side of the party area to serve students with free drinks sponsored by Smirnoff.

Amidst the bliss and glitz of “RED FLAG”, there were a number of glaring glitches that are worth mentioning. The 1000 expected guests to the event (of which 800 were supposed to be ladies and 200, guys) was not quite met as on the day prior to the event, the tickets meant for the ladies were rather given out to guys. Also, one would have expected Smirnoff to flood the party with free drinks to the end as we were made to believe that “all drinks were on the house” but that was not so. The drinks got finished too early in the day and some students had to endure dry throats till the event was over. The choice of venue was also a little inconvenient at some point in time since there were no shops around to buy even ‘water’ to drink.

In view of all these elements, this is how BlackandWhiteGH grades “RED FLAG”

Category Grade
Party Concept A
Publicity A
Organization A
DJ’s on Rotation A
Choice of Venue B+
Free Drinks C+

Team BlackandWhiteGH will like to say kudos to the entire Echo House team and Smirnoff for a party well served, although there is still more room for improvement on subsequent events.


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