HEEL THE WORLD (H.T.W) STORY: A Ghanaian Luxury Shoemaking Brand

545702_437553499602806_1786751296_nNkrumah once said “we have the blessing of the wealth of our vast resources, the power of our talents and the potentialities of our people. Let us grasp now the opportunities before us and meet the challenge to our survival”.  In response to Nkrumah’s clarion call, in February 2011, two dynamic young men, Fred Mawuli Deebge and Vijay Manu, set out to establish a high-end shoe company to counter the “African mediocre” cliché that nothing “quality” can come out of Africa.

Heel The World (H. T. W) is a Ghanaian social enterprise and a luxury shoemaking brand whose ultimate aim is to empower young African start-ups. The company concept was originally borne from the frustrations of Fred Deegbe Jr. when he approached a shoeshine boy with a pair of Italian shoes he had bought from a boutique in Osu, a place in Accra, and asked if those shoes could be made in Ghana? He was disappointed when he had a negative response in return.  Fast forward, Fred found a soul mate, Vijay and together they established H.T.W a few months on. The luxury brand makes high-end bespoke men’s shoes and leather accessories. However, for every pair of H.T.W shoes you buy you directly contribute to the socio-economic enhancement of a talented but deprived Ghanaian shoemaker.

HTW1As part of their commitment to empowering young start-ups in Africa, H.T.W coined a unique bead concept named the “HTW Empowerment Beads”. The handmade bead comprises a dominant number of black beads made from crushed glass and a single metal obtained from the melting of various metal scrubs. The black beads signify hardwork and the gold metal signifies the ultimate reward.

bnwBy dint of hardwork and dedication by the dynamic H.T.W team, people are being spotted at the lengths and breaths of the globe in the H.T.W Empowerment Beads. Currently a number of well-known faces like Kofi Annan, Prince of Netherlands, Professor Klaus Schwab (Forbes 40th most influential person), Komla Dumor, Amber Rose, Trey Songz, Mario, Michael Ballack, Michael Essien, Dede Ayew, Sarkodie (BET Awards winner), Samini (MOBO awards winner) and a lot more have all joined the HTW Empowerment Bead family.

In 2012, Team H.T.W received the National Youth Achievers Award in Fashion at the maiden National Youth Achievers Awards instituted by the Government of Ghana. They have also been featured on a number of eminent platforms like MTV Base and World Economic Forum.

1003944_682847055073448_1827235687_nOn humanitarian grounds, the proceeds from the sales of H.T.W Empowerment Beads are used to finance the Heel The World Foundation set up by Jeffery Manu, a senior brother of the Co-founder Vijay Manu.

Watch the Heel The World (HTW) Story here…

Contact H.T.W via the following links:

Phone numbers: 00 233 246 589 160 || 00 233 208 269 9190 || 00 233 244 074 693

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=hp#!/pages/Heel-the-World-HTW/170904892934336

Website: www.htwshoes.com

Email: heeltheworldglobal@gmail.com

Blog: http://heeltheworld.tumblr.com


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