Is Kendall Jenner doing it too much??

Granted, it’s not unusual for a model (which Kendall is) to wear see-through clothing for a fashion shoot (which is where this photo came from). It’s just that we’ve seen a lot of this sort of thing in the lives of Kendall and her younger sister Kylie Jenner, 16. Consider those recent rumours that the sisters were sneaking into 21-and-over clubs to get drunk. (They have both denied this.) Consider the extremely busty dress Kylie wore during a recent family photo shoot. Consider the controversy over those sexy bikini shots Kendall posed for when she was just 14. And consider the porn offers that came pouring in as soon as Kendall hit the big 1-8 on 3 November.

Now, not all of this is Kendall and Kylie’s doing (particularly not the porn offers). It’s just that they’re reaching adulthood under very unusual circumstances: They grew up on a reality show, with their siblings and parents on constant rotation in the tabloids. They only go to school for three or four hours a day, because they’re too busy with the family business, which can best be described as ‘getting the most attention possible at any given time.’ The sisters literally don’t remember being anything but famous.

So yes, odds are good that Kendall is growing up too fast (or at least, not on a normal timetable). What can we say? It runs in the family.


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