Exclusive PHOTOS & REVIEW of “The Number One Fan” Movie Premiere In UCC…

DSCN3023The multi-award winning Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim premiered her movie ‘The Number One Fan’ over the weekend in UCC at the Auditorium900. The Number One Fan happened to be her first self-produced movie and saw the entrance of some “new faces” onto the Ghanaian movie industry including Sonia Ibrahim, a sister of Juliet Ibrahim. The movie cast was exceptional and worth mentioning. It comprised a blend of ace actors in both Ghana and Nigeria such as Juliet Ibrahim herself, Kofi Adjorlolo, Yemi Blaq, Prince David Osei, Eddy Nartey as well as a number of Big Brother Africa stars including the likes of Keitta Osei, Selorm Ghalley, and Zainab Sherrif. AY, the comedian also added a touch of humor to the suspense-based movie.

The entire movie was centered on the life of a superstar actress Lala Gam-Hammond (played by Juliet Ibrahim) who had it all in life. A successful career which has won her many awards, a happy marriage to John Hammond (Yemi Blaq), a huge fan base and juicy endorsement deals. But as fate would have it, her enviable lifestyle took a negative dive as she was poisoned on her birthday by a ‘mysterious fan’.

In the midst of the drama, a sexy and adorable Wendy James (Sonia Ibrahim) relocates from Canada to Ghana only to get closer to the star-actress and ended up showcasing her everlasting obsession for Lala Gam throughout the movie.

However, in the course of finding out who poisoned the superstar, AY the comedian, who played the role of a police Detective Kwesi Trapp, prepared an interesting list of persons-of-interest to be invited for interrogations. The list included her adoring husband John Hammond, who was in trouble with a mining mogul and needed Lala to do “one last job” to save his neck, Kiki Appiah (KC Ejelonu), Lala’s manager whose only source of livelihood was her single client, Lala, the young talented designer, Fish (Keitta) who just got hired as Lala’s stylist and her stalker-neighbor Wendy James amongst others.

As the quest to finding the “mysterious fan” proceeded alongside the exceptional, hilarious and unconventional police investigation skills of Detective Kwasi Trapp, events kept unfolding with thrills and suspense until the Number One Fan was finally discovered.

The movie ended with a twist of fate as the Number One Fan happened to be her all-time stalker.

DSCN3030The Number One Fan was shot in very lovely locations in Ghana mostly in Accra, with the estate scenes filmed at Osu. The camera shots and movements were on point with perfect angular shots.  The story line seems quite complicated to grasp at a first view because it is a lot more different from the usual African movies in which the end of a movie could easily be anticipated from watching a few starting scenes.

Sonia Ibrahim played her role to the best of her abilities and was very impressive on set, considering the fact that this movie was her first ever feature and one would expect to see her taking up roles in many more movies to come. However, upon a short interview with Sonia after the premiere, she revealed to BlackandWhiteGH that she would not like to take acting as a career. She stated “I keep telling people to slow down because acting is a huge responsibility and for now I’m up to a lot of things and wouldn’t like to take acting as a full career now”.

Also, based on chitchat with Keitta Osei, who made his debut onto the movie industry through this movie, he spelled out that although he keeps getting offers to feature in other productions, he’s quite selective of the roles he takes. He also added that he’s still schooling and engages in ‘other businesses’ as well.

Finally, even though Juliet Ibrahim seemed quite concerned about the not-so-huge turnout generally, which was probably due to the exam period, she was hopeful that by word of mouth, those who were present would spread the ‘good gospel’ to others and that people should watch out for her subsequent productions.

Team BlackandWhiteGH will like to congratulate Juliet Ibrahim and the entire Jewelz Production team for such an awesome piece and we wish them all the best in the industry.

In the meantime, Ya’ll should watch out for Juliet’s next bigger project, “The Perfect Assistant”. Coming Soon!!!



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