Agya Koo’s name in the Guinness Book of Records?


Popular Ghanaian actor “Agya Koo” has said that he doesn’t feature in most of the recent movies because the producers claim his charges are too high. “Agya Koo” claims due to his alleged high rates, the producers resort to other local movie actors to feature in their movies.

The famous actor and comedian, who is well noted for his uniquely hilarious acting skills that has won him many prestigious awards, reportedly disclosed to Nana Kwame on Skyy Power 93.5 FM in Takoradi in an interview saying “Let me tell you the truth today, the Producers say I charge so much and using someone like Lil Win can make you get extra casts. But same Producers brought Porpo (Osita Iheme) from Nigeria and paid him more than GH¢40, 000. My charges are not even GH¢5, 000.”

Apparently, comparing his dwindling popularity status to the level success chocked by “Lil Win” in 2013 in the Ghanaian movie industry, “Agya Koo” clearly stated that “Lil Win” can never be compared to him in any capacity.


“I am in the Guinness book of Record for acting more movies than anyone in the world, Judges, high profiled people like Kufuor and others watch my movies and you are asking if Lil Win is popular than me.”

“I am wealthier than he is and he cannot compare himself to me in anyway. My Production House (Titi Mbofra) raised the standard of local movies in Ghana. We were the saviors of local movies when no attention was paid to local movies.”

Is Agya Koo really losing his touch? And, what should we be expecting from him in 2014?

Time will tell.


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