Nicki is Pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby?????

Report making rounds online suggest that Nicki is pregnant and that she believes Wezzy is responsible for it.

Atlanta Daily World writes; “Word is that the Pink Friday singer is pregnant, and if that wasn’t juicy enough it appears that Lil Wayne may be the baby’s daddy! But there may be a problem, since Minaj has been seeing other men besides Lil Wayne causing him to doubt the paternity. Insiders say that Minaj was just out to have a good time one night, but she got the good time and more…” the report notes.

Just in recent months, Nicki was linked in the media to Drake, to DJ Khaled and, out of all men in the world, even to actor slash former Disney star Zac Efron.

“Another source revealed that Minaj was spotted with a prominent baby bump on Saturday, Jan 2 during a romantic dinner with another man. ‘She twice made toasts by drinking water instead of wine,’ adding that it is ‘highly unusual’ for the singer ‘to toast with anything but a full glass of wine’,” the report adds.

But we all know how the media could be and this could be all just a rumour, watch out for confirmation



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