Uche Jombo Cries Out: I’ve Never Done Plastic Surgery! It’s Ridiculous!


Nigerian ace actress and producer Uche Jombo has spoken up against the never-ending rumors in the media and public circles that she has had a plastic surgery on her nose. She debunked the allegations and called it ridiculous in an interview with Punch.

She also spoke about her adventurous childhood, marriage and her “Celebrity Crush” (GUESS WHO???)

Read excerpts of the interview below:

Plastic surgery

I have never gone under the knife. I hear people say I have done plastic surgery on my nose.  I cannot imagine a desire to fix my nose of all the things I would to my body. It sounds very ridiculous.

Growing up

It was an adventurous childhood. I was always either playing football with boys or climbing trees.  My mom got scared of my hyperactive nature and enrolled me in a drama group in church. I was awarded scholarship by the church   as the best drama student.  I have a first degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Calabar. I also hold a post graduate diploma in Computer Programming from the Federal University of Technology, Minna.

Married life

Married life is great. I am not missing spinsterhood at all. My husband is a great human being. He works and lives in New York. I met him through a doctor friend of mine who is his business partner.  After our first meeting, he came to talk to me about some business ventures and that’s how we started talking.  My first attraction to him was his personality. I don’t know how many children we plan to have yet.

Experience as a producer in Nollywood

I always say this: I am an actor first before being the producer or a writer. The experience is everything and more.  The producer is more like the one who takes risks, gets  disappointed, picks herself up and goes on to  the next thing.  I’m enthusiastic and I’m prepared to work even harder at making my present film better than my last one. The adrenalin rush is making a movie people can relate to and if it makes more money for me, I am more thankful for that.

George Clooney’s quote about being an actor turned film maker is “I don’t have to prove I can act anymore.  Just serving the movie makes a huge difference. There’s simplicity to how you are doing it that makes it easier to convey”  I love that quote because I think it’s true for most actors turned producers.

Celebrity crush

Now it’s Robert Deniro, I guess.


Style to me means comfort, classy and simplicity.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe

None can come to mind right now.


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