UCC Students’ #ProjectHope Gives Hope to New Life International Children’s Home: An Inspiring Charity Story..


#ProjectHope is a campus charity initiative borne out of love and the need to show true affection to the deprived orphanages in Ghana. It is solely aimed at touching the lives and putting long-lasting smiles on the faces of these children who have no one else to turn to for the basic necessities of life but to survive on the meager or at worse, non-existing resources of an orphanage. The maiden edition of #ProjectHope was determined at making a big difference in the everyday lives of these deprived children through the initiation of a massive student and corporate-based donation movement, and fundraising party to support this noble course.

#ProjectHope practically hit the road running on 12th February 2014, at the University of Cape Coast. The itinerary of this determined and vibrant student group was to visit all the six (6) major traditional halls of the University and by a door-to-door approach, solicit for items in any kind or form to support this thoughtful initiative. The first point of call was the Atlantic hall (ATL). At ATL, the #ProjectHope team was amazed by the level of enthusiasm by which the hall residents in general, soaked in the charity concept and largely donated a wide range of items including provisions, clothing and stationery. The next stopover was at Ogua Hall and subsequently, three (3) out of the remaining four (4) traditional halls were visited. In addition to the halls visited, the team also made stops at a number of major hostels in the school’s ‘Diaspora’, where a large number of continuing students reside.


By the end of the door-to-door campaign and collection of charitable items approximately lasting for three (3) weeks, the team was able to accrue several bags of wide-ranging items and also an appreciable amount of money through the generosity and benevolence of students.

However, to form a more solid financial basis to purchase other key items to donate to the orphanage and also involve the students more in #ProjectHope, a MASQUAREDE PARTY was scheduled to happen on 7th March, 2014, at the Matlat Hotel in Cape Coast. The MASQUAREDE PARTY was the first of its kind in the school and one of its primary aims was to prioritize the needs of the deprived kids in New Life International Children’s Home, before any form of celebrations. The #ProjectHope team made available different shapes of masks to be worn by students at the party. The masks served as the party tickets which were sold for GH¢8 each. By far, the MASQUAREDE PARTY has been the most attended event in UCC this semester and there are event pictures to show for it.

When all the thrilling and electrifying atmosphere of the MASQUERADE PARTY had been brought to a successful end, on 15th March, 2014, the #ProjectHope team set out to make the donations to New Life International Children’s Home at Effutu. The team arrived at the orphanage at about 10:45am and by 11:30am; all was set for the donation’s ceremony to commence. An array of activities including eating and dancing competitions, musical chairs amongst others was put in place as part of the entire ceremony and party for the deprived kids. The team also made available eatables in the form of mouthwatering and delicious packs of “fried rice” with well garnished, steamed chicken to each child and then, shared drinks, biscuits and toffees to the rest of the community residents who came to witness this joyous moment. The students also had an inspiring session with the kids to share words of hope, encouragement and motivation to guard them to higher heights in their educational lives ahead.


Upon a sober reflection throughout the donation ceremony, one could not fail to notice the heartwarming level of joy, happiness and genuine gratification on the innocent faces and beautiful smiles of those adorable kids.

Moreover, in further consultation with the leadership of #ProjectHope, they affirmed that #ProjectHope was not going to be a nine days’ wonder and that, the team would be committed to its core mission of putting lasting smiles on the face of every deprived child in the country.


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