About Us


BlackandWhiteGH is an eccentric socio-entertainment blog and our mission is to promote young entrepreneurs, publicize events, and present objective and in-depth post-event reviews.

Team BlackandWhiteGH believes in the various talents possessed by the youth of our motherland, Africa, and as such, as a core mission, we aim at providing a media platform for the promotion of young entrepreneurs who by dint of hardwork and determination are striving to make an impact in the society. We interview and make profiles of young, creative and innovative entrepreneurs in diverse fields with the ultimate goal of establishing the necessary exposure they need to showcase their potentials to the world at large.

We are a highly motivated, hardworking youthful team, with a great focus on a ‘new world’ vision and with your support we hope to make this ‘new world’ a place of equal opportunities for all.

Please follow us on other social networks via:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/blackandwhitegh

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackandwhitegh

Instagram: www.instagram.com/blackandwhitegh


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